Your First Visit to Walker Ortho


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It is often said, “No two people are alike.” This maxim applies to orthodontic treatment. Although there are basic patterns of facial types, jaw relationships, and tooth alignment, each person is unique and requires an individualized diagnosis in order to determine the most appropriate treatment goals.

For that reason, Dr. Jay or Dr. Carl will examine each new patient on their first visit to Walker Ortho to personally answer the questions patients (or parents) need to know before beginning the process:

  1. What are the problems?
  2. What treatment options are available to address the problems?
  3. How long will it take?
  4. How much will treatment cost, and what payment options are available?

For the vast majority of patients, these questions can be answered by Dr. Jay or Dr. Carl on the first consultation. Occasionally there are complicating factors which require obtaining further information (dental casts or scans, x-rays, consulting with primary dentist or other specialists) before a complete course of action can be recommended.

One thing that is irritating about current healthcare practices is having something done to you as a patient, and then having “sticker shock” when presented with the bill afterwards. Rest assured we will explain all treatment options and the fees BEFORE proceeding so that the responsible party will know exactly what is expected and can make an informed decision.

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